Versatile and Light chocolate cake

 This is the perfect recipe when you don’t have all those strange ingrediens at home or if you need some more chocolate but you feel a little guilty for all that you have already eaten or if you just want something tasting but light, vegan, with no cholesterol, easy and quick to make….come on! Do you really need any more reasons to try this cake???!

Anyhow I’m giving you the basic recipe and will suggest some possibilities to make it always different.

These are the few ingredients you will need for a 26 centimeters round mould:

-1 and 1/4 cup or 200 grams of flour (use plain flour, wholemeal flour or try with mix of those you like)

-1 cup or 200 grams of sugar (white, brown or the one that you prefer)

-1/3 of cup or 50 grams of cocoa powder (sweet or bitter or sub it with flour if you don’t want chocolate)

-1 teaspoon each of: backing soda, vanilla flavour (or any other essence you want to use), vinegar

-1/2 teaspoon of salt

-1 cup of water (once I’ve made with beer and the result was yummy! You can use other liquids, do your expriments!!!!)

-1/3 cup of or 75 grams of oil (use the oil that you prefer but make sure it can take an oven cooking at 180°C.)

IDEAS: You can add some (100 grms in total) grated coconut at this point if you like, or hazelnuts, or walnuts or a mix of everything or, if you are preparing a version without cocoa try to add grated carrots with spices…you can make 1000 versions starting from the above recipe! I’ve just made one that recall the Sacher Torte simply using the above recipe as is than, once the cake was cooked, I’ve cut it and spread some apricot jam and re-closed the cake than I’ve melted some dark chocolate with vegetable milk (300 grams of chocolate melted in 200 grams of hot vegetable milk or cream) and poured onto the cake to glaze it…wonderful result!!!

Put all the above ingredients in a bowl, mix with a spoon, pour the mixture into the greased mould and cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C and than …enjoy it!

enjoy Tuscany!!

 Versatile and Light chocolate cake

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