Pan fried potatoes (Vegan)

Pan fried potatoes (Vegan)

This easy recipe it is so good to me, maybe because it remind me when my grand mather was used to prepare it for me and my cusins that, all around the table were unable to remain seated as everyone of us tried to take as much potatoes as possible while they were still so hot to burn fingers but…we just wanted to eat more and more…they are soooo good that you must try them.


Boiled potatoes (at least 200 grams per person cut into dices — boil into water the diced potatoes for 4 minutes, no more )

Rosemary (a little bit)

Sage (a couple of leaves per person)

Garlic (1/2 clove per person)




Frying oil (I’m used to use peanut oil — ½ cup per portion)

Put the oil in a frying pan with the garlic, sage and rosemary and, when you see that there are little frying bubbles around these vegetables, it’s time to put potatoes.

Cook the potatoes for 10 minutes or until well golden.

They must be very hot inside and well cruncy outside, do not take the fire too high otherwise the potatoes will burn outside and the inside will remain quite raw.

Once ready take them off the oil and season with salt,

pepper and oregano and…enjoy it!

enjoy Tuscany!!

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