Merenda…or afternoon snack

Before the packaged snacks Age, our grandparents, who loved us so much, were used to prepare the afternoon snack (we call it MERENDA) at 4.00pm using some of the most genuine food in the world, and how happy we grandchildrens were to receive those delicacies…Thank you beloved grandparents for teaching us the values of simples things and the importance of healty eating!!!

Enjoy this parade of few yeras ago Tuscan merende…..

PANE ACQUA E ZUCCHERO (bread with water and sugar)

Ingredients:  1 slice of stale bread ( it works better!!)

some water to slightly soak the bread

a little sugar to be sprinkled onto the bread (not too much!!)

…that’s all


afternoon snack


PANE VINO E ZUCCHERO (wine and sugar bread)

Ingredients: 1 slice of stale bread

some water to soak the bread

very litle wine to “season” the soaked bread

some sugar for the topping






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