Guinness stew with seitan (vegan)

Guinness stew is not exactly a tuscan dish….but, as I like it a lot,it is often eaten in my house….in Tuscany!!!!!
Vegan version is also delicious, try it and let me know!

Ingredientes for 4 people:

400 to 600 gr of seitan cut into dices
Evo enough to cover the bottom of the pan
2-3 garlic cloves (less if you don’t like or more if you love it)
1 Guinnes can
4 medium potatoes
1 tablespoon of flour
1-2 bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

…remember that the best ingredientes for a recipe are those you have in house, don’t give up on a dish if you miss garlic, you can use onions, or nothing, if you don’t have potatoes don’t use them, maybe you can cook some rice to serve with the stew…and so on!

enjoy Tuscany!!


Fry some seitan in a pan with olive oil, bay leaf and garlic and,

once it looks well coloured,



put 1 tblspn of flour and let it roast for a couple of minutes more



Pour 1 Guinness can into the pan

foto 3Pict.3

Pour 1 Guinness can into the pan

foto 4


Let it cooks for 10 minutes

foto 5

Pict. 5
Add 1 tblspn of tomato sauce to the seitan

Pict. 5 Add 1 tblspn of tomato sauce to the seitan

Peel some potatoes

Pict.6 Peel some potatoes

Cut the potatoes into wedges and put them into the pan, make sure to have enough liquid otherwise add some waterCook  until potatoes are ready

foto 4

Serve it warm and….enjoy it!

foto (2)



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