Fried Ciabatta

Fried Ciabatta

Fried Ciabatta
600 gr of flour 00
370 gr of water
6 gr of dry yeast
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar

Maybe you noticed that the ingredients are the same than those for making focaccia but here we are using them in a different tasty way…

So, we all love fried food, we are used to say that even a ciabatta is good when fried, ciabatta in italian means slipper…

We use bread or focaccia dough in many ways, ciabattas are easy to make and good to eat so why not start from here.

Once you have made and rested the dough as per focaccia recipe, you have to prepare little balls of 80-100 grams each and roll the out into thin layer, better if more or less oval in shape just to remind the slipper , because here is where the name is coming from.

Heat some oil and when ready, fry the ciabatta, better one at the time because at the beginning they are not easy to handle, you will probably need 2-3 pieces before figuring out how to master the situation, hope the video will explain better.

and so…enjoy it…

ps. they are amazing with Nutella on top…but that’s a secret!!!


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