stuffed zucchini flowers

tuscanity com  recipes stuffed zucchini flowers

Zucchini flowers are beautiful and sooo good when cooked in many different way and, who’s a little expert of vegetable garden knows than when is their period they could be a thousand and even more…..So we need to do something with those beauties, I’m suggesting now an easy recipe that …

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Anoher way to enjoy onions that is easy, pretty quick and delicious. Onions are a very poor ingredient but they are essential in tuscan cooking, we use them in almost every dish, but even eaten alone they are really a big pleasure. Choose the onions that you prefer and cut …

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Roasted zucchini with mint

Summer in just arrived in Tuscany, a lot of sun and…vegetables…no mercy from the green garden we need to use all that and very soon as there will be more ready tomorrow!!!! Today we got zucchini which are very good even eater raw but roasted…what a delicious side dish! Here …

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Pan fried potatoes (Vegan)


Pan fried potatoes (Vegan) This easy recipe it is so good to me, maybe because it remind me when my grand mather was used to prepare it for me and my cusins that, all around the table were unable to remain seated as everyone of us tried to take as …

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