recipe ..Taste Tuscany …antipasto Toscano


recipe ..Taste Tuscany …antipasto Toscano Antipasto toscano This is the traditional starter for all tuscan people, ham, salami and a couple of crostini …. What’s more typical than this!!!!!!!! This time I’ve chosen 3 cold cuts (prosciutto, finocchiona and salame) and 2 crostini, one Bruschetta ( tomato, oregano and basil) …

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Fettunta recipe


Recipe Fettunta Toasted Bread with garlic, oregano, salt, pepper and new extra virgin olive  oil __________________________________________ enjoy Tuscany!!

Crostini with Chicken Liver Patè


Leave the chicken livers marinating in the wine for 12 hours mixing occasionally. Drain the livers, keeping the wine marinade to one side. In a high sided saucepan, slowly cook the onions in the oil with salt and pepper until pale golden. Add the chicken livers and sage and cook …

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Fresh Tomato Crostini recipe

Fresh Tomato Crostini

Very ripe tomatoes Clove of garlic pressed through garlic press Origano 4-5 tbs extra virgin olive oil Salt and Pepper Slices of lightly toasted unsalted touscan bread Cut the tomatoes in very small cubes and dress with salt, a little pepper, garlic (i’ve become vampire proof since i first started …

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