Recipe Castagnaccio

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Recipe Castagnaccio

Castagnaccio (luxury version!)
This is a very old cake, very simple, very good, very versatile….we’ll see later why! In the past times, November was the period when people had chestnuts available, they were also used to make flour out of chestnuts as wheat flour wasn’t for all! So, from such a poor ingredient, people created a lot of very interesting recipes like this one, let’s see it:

Ingredientes for 8-10 portions:
– 500 grams of chestnuts flour (compulsory!)
– Water (enough to make a fluid batter – this is also a compulsory ingredient! Some people prefer to use milk, do as you prefer, this is a recipe you can play with)

The above are the only two ingredientes you’ll really must have to make this cake, all the others that I’m listing below are the reason why I’m calling my castagnaccio the “luxury version”…use all, use some, change the quantities, change the kind of oil or dry fruit to change the final taste, the castagnaccio will always be good!

– sugar ( to taste, but as chestnut flour is sweet itself, it would be better not to put more than 2-3 tablespoon )
– cocoa powder (1-2 tablespoon)
– raisins ( 1-2 tablespoon)
– walnuts ( 1-2 tablespoon)
– pine seeds ( 1-2 tablespoon)
– rosemary leaves ( some to taste)
– oil ( 3-4 tablespoon, use extra virgin olive oil for stronger taste or any oil you prefer)

In a bowl mix chestnut flour with sugar and cocoa powder than add as much water as needed to make a smooth fluid batter, add about 1/3 of the oil and mix.
Add raisins, walnuts and pine seeds leeving some for topping.
Pour the batter in a greased pan, sprinkle the top with leftover raising, walnuts and pine seeds than with rosemary leeves.
Pour the remaining oil on top and cook in the oven at 165- 170 degrees (celsius) for 30 to 40 minutes.
Remove it from the oven let it cool a little than cut it in slices or in squares, if you like you can sprinkle the top with some cocoa powder and than….enjoy it!!!!


enjoy Tuscany!!

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