Recipe Castagnaccio


A Taste of Tuscany ..Recipes of Tuscany Recipe Castagnaccio Castagnaccio (luxury version!) This is a very old cake, very simple, very good, very versatile….we’ll see later why! In the past times, November was the period when people had chestnuts available, they were also used to make flour out of chestnuts …

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Here is the anacini’s recipe: mix a couple of tablespoon of anis seeds, 1 Cup of light oil With 1 Cup of Wine and1 cup of sugar, than add Flour a Cup at the Time as far as you get a workable dough. Shape little donough and pass them into …

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Recipe of Tuscany – Fettine fritte con pomodori (Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad)


Recipe of Tuscany Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad Easy, quick, cheap, actual and timeless recipe, everybody loves to eat it for lunch, or dinner, or merenda!!!! Wonderful to be eaten even the day after put between two bread slices….wow, I can’t wait to eat a full dish of these …

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Spaghetti with chickpeas, anchovies and rosmary

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___________________________________ Spaghetti with chickpeas, anchovies and rosmary This is a very tasty recipe from south of Italy, it is quick, easy and it take less than 10 minutes to prepare. I suggest to use spaghetti because, to me, it’s the best way to appreciate this dish but obviously, it is …

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Spaghetti Pomodoro e ricotta ( tomato and ricotta cheese sauce)


Spaghetti Pomodoro Superb recipe, soooo italian, very easy to prepare and soooo delicious…..but the result may vary in accordance to the ricotta cheese used! There are many kind of ricotta ( sheep, cow, buffalo, goat) but usually we buy the cow’s one because it is more silky, delicate but to …

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recipe ..Taste Tuscany …antipasto Toscano


recipe ..Taste Tuscany …antipasto Toscano Antipasto toscano This is the traditional starter for all tuscan people, ham, salami and a couple of crostini …. What’s more typical than this!!!!!!!! This time I’ve chosen 3 cold cuts (prosciutto, finocchiona and salame) and 2 crostini, one Bruschetta ( tomato, oregano and basil) …

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Fettunta recipe


Recipe Fettunta Toasted Bread with garlic, oregano, salt, pepper and new extra virgin olive  oil __________________________________________



RECIPE TUSCANY GARLIC BREAD Garlic bread may be not a typical tuscan recipe but, made in the way I prepare it makes it’s good presence on the table, a nice surprise and it is also perfect to be eaten with everyday meals… Ingredients for 1 kilo bread: 1 kilo of …

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Once I’ve tried to prepare my own bread and from that day I can’t wait for sunday baking!!! Bread in Tuscan is very important and mine has something special that makes it even better as it is a mix of taste and wellness, it is like a traditional bread in …

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