200 gr of potatoes per person already boiled 2-3 table spoons of flour Salt & pepper 20 leaves of fresh basil 1 table spoon of Silken tofu Dry yeast to taste 50-70 grams of pine seeds 100 ml of Evo   Put Basil, tofu, pine seeds and evo in a …

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Crostini Vegan

Crostini Vegan



Guinness stew with seitan (vegan)


Guinness stew is not exactly a tuscan dish….but, as I like it a lot,it is often eaten in my house….in Tuscany!!!!! Vegan version is also delicious, try it and let me know! Ingredientes for 4 people: 400 to 600 gr of seitan cut into dices Evo enough to cover the …

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Video Desser


Persimmons cheesecake Castagnaccio A Taste of Tuscany…… Anacini

Tuscany Recipe ..White Grape and Rosemary Tart


Recipe of Tuscany White Grape and Rosemary Tart September in Touscany is always very special…weather permitting! Those of us lucky enough to live in the country side near the beautiful vineyards can take advantage of this and go to…steal a nice grape cluster directly from the grapevine…but make sure you …

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Tuscanity .com Good Food


Tuscanity .com Good Food

Recipe ..Taste Tuscany – Basil Oil


Recipes Tuscany Basil Oil -Evo oil -Fresh basil Wash fresh basil and mix it well in a food processor with extra virgin olive oil. Pour it in a jar and keep it refrigerated. Use it a teaspoon at the time on bruschetta,  or everywhere you like. Enjoy It!!!

Recipe of TuscanyTomato and Bread soup


Recipe of TuscanyTomato and Bread soup This is the exellent classic Touscan soup-simple, tasty and always enjoyed, whether in winter or served tepid, with a beautifully perfumed basil leaf to enhance the flavour, in summer. I make it with: 300 gr day old, unsalted touscan bread cut into thin slices …

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