Roasted Tomatoes sauce

Roasted Tomatoes sauce 4

Roasted Tomatoes sauce 1 Cut Tomatoes in half and place tham in a baking tin. Season with evo oil, salt, sugar, thyme and 1 garlic head. Roasted Tomatoes sauce 2 Bake at moderate oven for 40-45 minutes or untill you see the vegetables turning well roasted. Roasted Tomatoes sauce 3 …

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Recipe of Tuscany – Fettine fritte con pomodori (Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad)


Recipe of Tuscany Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad Easy, quick, cheap, actual and timeless recipe, everybody loves to eat it for lunch, or dinner, or merenda!!!! Wonderful to be eaten even the day after put between two bread slices….wow, I can’t wait to eat a full dish of these …

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