Hunter’s style chicken


1 chicken cut into 8 pcs 2 medium onions 1 handfull of rosmary and sage chilli pepper (optional) 1/2 lt red wine 20 ml oil salt to taste 2 tablespoon of tomato puree black olives (optional) Put the chopped onion in a large pan with iol, salt, rosemary and sage …

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Pappa al Pomodoro

pappa al pomodoro

PAPPA AL POMODORO 10 ml oil 1 medium garlic clove 250 ml of peeled tomatoes 80/100 grams of sliced bread (better to use the day before bread) 3/4 basil leaves salt to taste warm the oil in a pan with salt and very thin cut garlic. When the garlic will …

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Fresh Pasta recipe


How to make fresh pasta at home very easily in a short time

Montefiesole Hamburger


  Montefiesole Hamburger Sausage burger with our truffle ,fresh pecorino cheese salad and tomatoes from our organic garden, home-made mayo with our extra virgin olive oil and roasted potatoes with tuscan flavours

Guinness stew with seitan (vegan)


Guinness stew is not exactly a tuscan dish….but, as I like it a lot,it is often eaten in my house….in Tuscany!!!!! Vegan version is also delicious, try it and let me know! Ingredientes for 4 people: 400 to 600 gr of seitan cut into dices Evo enough to cover the …

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Recipe of Tuscany – Fettine fritte con pomodori (Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad)


Recipe of Tuscany Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad Easy, quick, cheap, actual and timeless recipe, everybody loves to eat it for lunch, or dinner, or merenda!!!! Wonderful to be eaten even the day after put between two bread slices….wow, I can’t wait to eat a full dish of these …

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Meat Patties with Wine Sauce

Meat Patties

Meat Patties with Wine Sauce 500 gms assorted minced meat (better if minced at home) 1 sausage (if available) 1 handful of grated cheese 1 tps fennel or coriander seeds 2 eggs salt and pepper flour Peanut oil red or white wine, or tomato sauce Mince the meat and add …

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