Recipe of Tuscany – Fettine fritte con pomodori (Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad)

Recipe of Tuscany

Fried meat slices with tomatoes salad

Easy, quick, cheap, actual and timeless recipe, everybody loves to eat it for lunch, or dinner, or merenda!!!!
Wonderful to be eaten even the day after put between two bread slices….wow, I can’t wait to eat a full dish of these “fettine” (fettine means small, thin slices of meat)
Every bite is a traditional taste of Tuscany, when we eat this dish at home, we absolutely don’t feel ashamed of eating even 5-6-7……pieces per person!!!!!
Ingredientes for 1 person:
a couple of meat slices

(I prefer to use pork loin but you can use any meat you like or have in the fridge)
1 beaten egg

(this quantity,is really too much but you can re-use the leftover egg for other things)
5-6 tbsp of corn flour (if you use this flour you will not have problems for celiacs too)
1 tomato (diced and seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano)
oil for frying (I usually use extra virgin olive oil or peanut oil to fry)
Using a meat tenderizer beat the meat slices, they must be as thin as possible so that they will become very tender and, most important, they will cook very fast.
Pass them in the beaten egg, than press them very well into the flour.
As soon as the pan with the oil reaches the right temperature, put the ” fettine”.
Fry them for a couple of minutes per side to get a nice golden colour.
Once ready put them on a paper towel to dry the excess of oil than put them in a dish and cover with the tomatoes.
Squeeze the lemon wedge on top of this amazing meal and…Enjoy it!

enjoy Tuscany!!

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