PASTA FRESCA (Fresh Pasta)

pasta fresca

PASTA FRESCA (Fresh Pasta) 100 grms of flour 1 egg 1 pinch of salt make a volcano with the flour and, using hands, form a hole in the center, breake the egg add salt and, if desired, 1 teaspoon of oil. Mix with a fork starting from the center, than …

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Pappa al Pomodoro

pappa al pomodoro

PAPPA AL POMODORO 10 ml oil 1 medium garlic clove 250 ml of peeled tomatoes 80/100 grams of sliced bread (better to use the day before bread) 3/4 basil leaves salt to taste warm the oil in a pan with salt and very thin cut garlic. When the garlic will …

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TIRAMISU’ 500 grms of mascarpone cheese 4 yolks and 4 white eggs 5 spoon of sugar 250 ml coffe enough ladyfingers bisquits bitter cocoa powder Whip the eggs’ white with sugar untill firm. Soften the mascarpone cheese with a spatula, when creamy, add 1 yolk at the time. Add whippes …

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   300 grms flour 150 grms sugar + enough for finishin 100 gr almonds 3 eggs + 1 for finishing 3 tablespoon of oil 1 tea spoon baking powder vanilla or lemon zest  Mix flour with baking powder, sugar and the choosen aroma. Add the 3 eggs, oil and almonds. …

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Cooking class in Tuscany


Cooking class with a professional chef Simona Florence

Cooking classes


having fun with nice guys from stars and stripes country making a real tuscan cooking class —————————————————-




focaccia with mortadella


hot from the oven…focaccia with mortadella!!!!

Fresh Pasta recipe


How to make fresh pasta at home very easily in a short time

Versatile and Light chocolate cake

Versatile and Light chocolate cake

 This is the perfect recipe when you don’t have all those strange ingrediens at home or if you need some more chocolate but you feel a little guilty for all that you have already eaten or if you just want something tasting but light, vegan, with no cholesterol, easy and …

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